Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bordeaux - FRANCE - UNESCO #1256

I've spent my first night on Bordeaux, a city with a dense industrial surrounding but with a little treasure in the center - in this postcard you can see the magnificent 'Place de la Bourse', the 'Pont de Pierre', the 'Grand Théatre' and the 'Place de la Victoire' - because of my intention to get quickly to Strasbourg I didn't have time to explore Bordeaux like it deserves, I really must return. Well, with the 'Port of the Moon' my collection rises to 105, only 876 to finish.

UNESCO #1256 - Bordeaux, Port of the Moon - FRANCE
Bordeaux, Port of the Moon, is an outstanding example of the exchange of human values over more than two thousand years, due to its role as capital city of a world-famous wine production region and the importance of its port in commerce at regional and international levels. The urban form and architecture of the city are the result of continuous extensions and renovations since Roman times up to the 20th century. Urban plans and architectural ensembles stemming from the early 18th century onwards place the city as an outstanding example of classical and neo-classical trends and give it an exceptional urban and architectural unity and coherence.

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