Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bogas de Baixo - PORTUGAL

What can I say about Bogas?... Well, it's the name or a fish that lives in our rivers (Iberochondrostoma lusitanicum, family of Cyprinidae, order of Cypriniformes) and there are three small villages named after it in the municipality of Fundão: Bogas de Cima (Upper Bogas), Bogas de Baixo (Lower Bogas) and Bogas do Meio (Middle Bogas). In the POSTCROSSING Forum I've met a very nice girl with a amazing sense of humor - she lives and work near Lisbon, but her sweet hometown is Bogas de Cima where she spend part of her summer vacations (literally doing nothing according to her). I asked for a Bogas postcard and, surprise of surprises it arrived today! Well it's from the nearby village Bogas de Baixo, but it's a Bogas! Thanks a lot Paula, this card really brighten my day!

Bogas de Baixo, Fundão - PORTUGAL
Bogas de Baixo is a little village (less than 200 inhabitants) near Fundão, the city I live.  If you want to know more, you really have to visit it, because even with Google I can't find much online! About Bogas de Cima, you can check this site (in Portuguese)

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