Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Aachen Cathedral - GERMANY - UNESCO #3

On my way to the Netherlands, a stop for a coffee in Aachen (Gesundheit!) and a tour on the magnificent cathedral and museum. This was a nice surprise - I confess I've never heard of Aachen (Gesundheit!) before and made a same day decision to visit it because it is a UNESCO site and I'm really glad I did it... the interior of the octagonal basilica is simply amazing and I've learned a lot about Charlemagne. I enjoyed a lot this morning in Aachen (Gesundheit!... I'm sorry about this lame joke, but I've passed the whole day repeating it to my wife and now it just makes me laugh when I remind it). This was one of the first sites classified by UNESCO and it's the 112th I've got, only 869 to finish.

UNESCO #3 - Aachen Cathedral - GERMANY
Construction of this palatine chapel, with its octagonal basilica and cupola, began c. 790–800 under the Emperor Charlemagne. Originally inspired by the churches of the Eastern part of the Holy Roman Empire, it was splendidly enlarged in the Middle Ages. The construction of the chapel of the Emperor at Aachen symbolized the unification of the west and its spiritual and political revival under the aegis of Charlemagne. In 814, Charlemagne was buried here, and throughout the Middle Ages until 1531 the Germanic emperors continued to be crowned here. The collection of the treasury of the cathedral is of incalculable archaeological, aesthetic, and historic interest.

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