Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sinharaja Forest Reserve - SRI LANKA - UNESCO #405

Today I've received my first cards from Sri Lanka! A major swap with a postcrosser that went there on vacations - he sent me 8 from all the UNESCO sites, I got 6 today, hopefully the other 2 will arrive soon. Sri Lanka is a country I wish to visit since I was a teenager and used to see Arthur C. Clarke doing the TV show from there. This first card shows the Sinharaja Rain Forest, in the south. Thank you very much Du! This postcard took 15 days to arrive!
UNESCO #405 - Sinharaja Forest Reserve - SRI LANKA
Sinharaja Forest Reserve is situated in the south-west lowland wet zone of Sri Lanka, and was declared a biosphere reserve in 1978. This narrow strip of undulating terrain consists of a series of ridges and valleys. Of Sri Lanka's 830 endemic species, 217 trees and woody climbers are found in the lowland wet zone. Its name, literally meaning lion (sinha ) king (raja ), perhaps refers to the original 'king-sized or royal forest of the Sinhalese', a people of the legendary 'lion-race' of Sri Lanka, or to the home of a legendary lion of Sri Lanka.

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