Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Saïdia - MOROCCO

Today I got two more cards from my mothers friend that went on a holiday trip to the Moroccan beach of Saidia. According to her message, it's a beautiful place with gorgeous beaches and very simple and friendly people. Thank you very much Fernanda. This postcard took 11 days to arrive!

Saïdia Beach (Multi-View), Berkane - MOROCCO

Saïdia Beach, Berkane - MOROCCO
Saïdia, known as the "Blue Pearl", is a beach in Berkane. It is located in the province Berkane, near the Mediterranean Sea and at the Moroccan-Algierian border. Its 14 km coastline is one of the longest beaches of Morocco and is characterized by its golden sand and Mediterranean climate, making it a popular international tourist destination. It hosts numerous resorts and attractions, including private beach resorts, shopping malls, golf courses, and other sports centers.

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