Friday, July 05, 2013

Sagres, Algarve - PORTUGAL

My friend Alberto, after arriving from Madeira, went on a motorcycle road trip to Algarve with his girfriend (don't you ever work, man?). This card shows the southwestern shore of Portugal, a cape famous for the fortress and very symbolic to the portuguese naval discoveries in the 15th and 16th centuries. Thanks a lot man, keep on sending and I'll keep on posting! This postcard took 2 days to arrive!

Sagres, Algarve - PORTUGAL
Sagres Point (Ponta de Sagres, from the Latin Promontorium Sacrum or Holy Promontory), is a windswept shelf-like promontory located in the southwest Algarve region of southern Portugal. Only 4 km to the west and 3 km to the north lies Cabo de São Vicente (Cape St. Vincent) which is usually taken as the southwesternmost tip of Europe. 

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