Monday, July 01, 2013

Orchids at Singapore Botanical Gardens - SINGAPORE - UNESCO TENTATIVE

This is my first card from Singapore! The National Orchid Garden  is part of the Singapore Botanic Gardens (a candidate to UNESCO WHS). According to the sender, the orchid is the national flower of Singapore ant these gardens are very beautiful - recently with the addition of two chinese pandas called Kaikai and Jiajia. Thank you very much Farna, I love your card! This postcard took 17 days to arrive!

Orchids at Singapore Botanical Gardens - SINGAPORE
Founded at its present site in 1859, Singapore Botanic Gardens forms part of the long colonial tradition of creating European-style botanic gardens in the tropics. This internationally renowned tropical botanical garden, the oldest surviving of its kind in the Straits Settlements, has a rich heritage and is a dynamic and living testament to the foresight of the early pioneering spirit of Singapore. Throughout its long and illustrious history, it has played an integral role in Singapore's cultural, social and economic development and is a site that provides historical reference to Singapore's Garden City concept and the ideals of Singapore's founding fathers.

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