Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mudejar Architecture of Aragon, Zaragoza - SPAIN - UNESCO #378

This card shows four towers in the city of Zaragoza that show very well the Mudejar architectural influences that remained in the region long after the conquer of southern Spain from the moors. Thank you very much Pillar for this nice postcard and your explanations in the lines you wrote. With this one my UNESCO collection rises to 82 sites, only 899 to go (finally less than 900). This postcard took 6 days to arrive!

UNESCO #378 - Torres Mudejares (Mudejar Towers), Zaragoza - SPAIN
The Mudejar art of Aragon symbolizes pacific coexistence between the Muslim, Christian and Jewish cultures, exchanging knowledge and experiences. Within this special historical context Mudejar art came into being in Teruel, as in Toledo, Zaragoza and many other cities. These art forms drew their substance from both the Western tradition and the Eastern Islamic tradition. The material culture has survived in space and time thanks to the historical processes of conquest and colonization of new lands.

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