Monday, July 22, 2013

Le Morne - MAURITIUS - UNESCO #1259

My first postcard from Mauritius! I have a thing for islands and L'Ile Maurice seems really amazing, unfortunately it's not a cheap destination - I'll keep dreaming while looking at the postcard!  Thank you very much Michaela (I really hope that you enjoyed your honeymoon) for this amazing card - my 100th UNESCO site... only 881 to go. This postcard took 17 days to arrive!

UNESCO #1259 - Le Morne Landscape - MAURITIUS
Le Morne Cultural Landscape, a rugged mountain that juts into the Indian Ocean in the southwest of Mauritius was used as a shelter by runaway slaves, maroons, through the 18th and early years of the 19th centuries. Protected by the mountain’s isolated, wooded and almost inaccessible cliffs, the escaped slaves formed small settlements in the caves and on the summit of Le Morne.


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