Tuesday, July 02, 2013


What a nice surprise - my good friend Alberto send me a postcard with a picture of himself traveling in Algarve! Oh, and his girlfriend his there to! I don't recognize the old man, but it must be someone they know!... Thanks a lot bro! This postcard took 16 days to arrive!
Portuguese donkeys, Algarve - PORTUGAL
The donkey or ass, Equus africanus asinus, is a domesticated member of the Equidae or horse family. The wild ancestor of the donkey is the African wild ass, and has been used as a working animal for at least 5000 years. There are more than 40 million donkeys in the world, mostly in underdeveloped countries, where they are used principally as draught or pack animals. A male donkey or ass is called a jack, a female a jenny or jennet; a young donkey is a foal. Jack donkeys are often used to produce mules.

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