Monday, July 22, 2013

Church of San Agustín, Paoay - PHILIPPINES - UNESCO #677

Another card from the Philippines showing one of the famous Baroque Churches, this time Church of San Agustín in Paoay the most outstanding example in the Philippines of 'Earthquake Baroque'. Fourteen buttresses are ranged along the lines of a giant volute supporting a smaller one and surmounted by pyramidal finials. Simply amazing - thank you very much Jan, I have already a card corresponding to this site, so the counting remains, but my collection became richer - I'll try to get cards from the other two. This postcard took 14 days to arrive!

UNESCO #677 - Church of San Agustín, Paoay - PHILIPPINES
The Baroque Churches of the Philippines is a serial inscription consisting of four Roman Catholic churches constructed between the 16thand the18th centuries in the Spanish period of the Philippines. They are located in separate areas of the Philippine archipelago, two at the northern island of Luzon, one at the heart of Intramuros, Manila, and the other in the central Visayas island of Iloilo. This group of churches established a style of building and design that was adapted to the physical conditions in the Philippines and had an important influence on later church architecture in the region. 

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