Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Čechie-Böhmerland - CZECH REPUBLIC

Today I received two extraordinary Maxi-Cards from Czech Republic with Historical Means of Transport as a theme. The first one shows a three seat motorcycle made in Czechoslovakia before the second world war. This postcard took 7 days to arrive!

Čechie-Böhmerland motorcycle - CZECH REPUBLIC (Maxi-Card)
The first motorcycles Čechie-Böhmerland were built was set up in 1925, with three seats and a 600 cc engine were used by small families instead of the expensive cars they could not afford. By the end of 1931, around 3,000 motorcycles were produced. The Čechie-Böhmerland met with embarrassed reactions. It was praised by some because of its price and reliability, and ridiculed by others pointing to the unusual engine design and aluminium wheels instead of the standard wire wheels. 

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