Friday, July 19, 2013

Another Lovely Cat, Algarve - PORTUGAL

This card was sent to my wife Eva (as I said before, a cat lover - cats are really something, it's easy to understand why they're sacred in some cultures!) by my two sweet friends Alberto and Sandra on their motorcycle road trip in Algarve some weeks ago... Thank you very much guys - this is my 200th postcard since I've started  (in three months, not bad!). This postcard took 33 days to arrive!
European Shorthair Cat, Algarve - PORTUGAL
The European shorthair (or Celtic shorthair) is a breed of short-haired cat originating in Sweden. It is a recently recognised breed, established to preserve the naturally occurring cats that have lived in European villages and cities for ages. Because the breed has been developed from ordinary domestic cats, which have very different temperaments, the character of the European Shorthair is impossible to summarise. Members of this breed may be very affectionate but there are others that prefer to be out mousing.

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