Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Monastery of Alcobaça - PORTUGAL - UNESCO #505

This card was a special edition made in 2007 for the election of Portugal Seven Wonders. It has a peculiar (to say the least) choice of colors, but the important thing is that it celebrate one of the most important portuguese building and a UNESCO site - the 53th in my collection, 909 remaining. Thanks a million Catia for this double swap. This postcard took 6 days to arrive! 

UNESCO #505 - Monastery of Alcobaça - PORTUGAL

The Monastery of Santa Maria d'Alcobaça, north of Lisbon, was founded in the 12th century by King Afonso Henriques (Alfonso I). Its size, the purity of its architectural style, the beauty of the materials and the care with which it was built make this a masterpiece of Cistercian Gothic art. The monastery is also an outstanding example of a great Cistercian establishment with a unique infrastructure of hydraulic systems and functional buildings. Deservedly renowned, the 18th-century kitchen adds to the interest of the group of monastic buildings from the medieval period.

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