Thursday, June 06, 2013

Historic Town of Samarkand - UZBEKISTAN - UNESCO #603

Samarkand it's a place that fill my dreams since I've read the Amin Maalouf novel, many years ago - it's one of those "dream destinies" I like to believe I'll manage to visit one day. Now imagine my happiness when I saw this two awesome cards also sent by Valya, my Ukrainian friend - thanks a lot! When I've decided to start this blog and collection, my idea was only consider postcards sent from the country of origin - I still have that thought, but I think this cards deserve the exception... and if you think about it it's not really a exception, they were made in USSR (they have CCCP 1977 written on the back) and on the 70s, Russia Ukraine and Uzbekistan were all part of one country, so they are from the country of origin! Ok now, with this 2 amazing cards my count rises to 42 sites, 920 to go. This postcard took 10 days to arrive!
UNESCO #603 - Historic Town of Samarkand - UZBEKISTAN

UNESCO #603 - Samarkand (Crossroad of Cultures) - UZBEKISTAN

The historic town of Samarkand, located in a large oasis in the valley of the Zerafshan River, in the north-eastern region of Uzbekistan, is considered the crossroads of world cultures with a history of over two and a half millennia. Evidence of settlements in the region goes back to 1500 BC, with Samarkand having its most significant development in the Temurid period, from the 14th to the 15th centuries, when it was capital of the powerful Temurid realm. Located on the crossroads of the great trade routes that traversed Central Asia, Samarkand has a multi-millennial history. The major monuments include the Registan Mosque and madrasas, Bibi-Khanum Mosque, the Shakhi-Zinda compound and the Gur-Emir ensemble, as well as Ulugh-Beg's Observatory.

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