Thursday, May 16, 2013

Vinyl LPs Records and turntable, 1970s - AUSTRALIA

My first aussie postcard - and what a card! Listening to vinyl record is one of my pleasures and I really loved this card, it's truly beautiful... Maxi-Cards are a wonderful thing, I only have two, but I'm already a fan - I'm going to create a label! Thank you very much Samantha. This postcard took 10 days to arrive! 
Vinyl LPs Records and turntable, 1970s - AUSTRALIA (Maxi-Card)

The vinyl LP and high quality analog tape recording lived harmoniously together from 1948 until 1983 when the first CD’s came to market. After a near death in the late XX century, the LP is alive again and doing well. Serious music fans, specially jazz lovers appreciate its warmer, sensual sound, the heavier pressings (180 grams) and the delicious tactile feel of vinyl. All around the world, the most famous DJs and RJs still rely on the good old vinyl for a perfect gig!

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