Thursday, May 02, 2013

Scarborough Castle - ENGLAND

This card was a direct swap with Adam from York... a direct swap with a twist - a mail race! We decided to mail the cards this monday morning and see which one would arrive first. This arrived today, mine is still in transit - he started hooraying the Royal Mail, but now that I think about it, portuguese mail is much better than Royal Mail - think with me: after posting the cards, they fly to the destiny country... the responsibility of delivering it in the correct address is, of course, not  of the mail system of the country of origin, but of the destination country - so, the portuguese mailman delivered Adam's card in less than 3 days, the british postman is probably drinking pints and wondering where the heck is Scarborough!!! Now seriously, thanks for your card Adam, it will be the firs of my new collection: CASTLES! I've been several times in England but never in York... after reading more about this site, I think I'll include Scarborough in my next UK tour! This postcard took 3 days to arrive!

Scarborough Castle - York - England - UNITED KINGDOM

With its 2,500 year history, stunning location and panoramic views over the dramatic Yorkshire coastline, Scarborough Castle fully deserves its place as one of the finest tourist attractions in the North. It started life as an Iron Age Fort, was occupied by the Romans, became a Viking settlement and reached its heyday under Henry II. 


  1. Come to think of it, I had never thought about the fact it's up to the destination country to deliver it. Boo Royal Mail, boo!
    Unfortunately yours is still travelling and Monday's going to be a public holiday so everything's crossed for an arrival on Tuesday ;)
    Everything said, I'm glad you like this card and I'm glad you're going to make Scarborough a destination in your next UK tour :D

    1. Please let me know when you get it... have a nice holiday!