Monday, May 13, 2013

Olympia - GREECE - UNESCO #517

My  mother went on a mediterranean cruise to Italy, Greece and Croatia - guess what was my souvenir request... postcards!!! Today I got 5, all from Greece, thanks mum! The first is from Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and where the torch is set on fire only using sun rays (I wonder how they do it if rains the whole month!). Ok, now I have cards from 10 sites, only 952 to go! This postcard took 13 days to arrive!
UNESCO #517 - Archaeological Site of Olympia - GREECE

The site of Olympia, in a valley in the Peloponnesus, has been inhabited since prehistoric times. In the 10th century B.C., Olympia became a centre for the worship of Zeus. The Altis – the sanctuary to the gods – has one of the highest concentrations of masterpieces from the ancient Greek world. In addition to temples, there are the remains of all the sports structures erected for the Olympic Games, which were held in Olympia every four years beginning in 776 B.C.

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