Friday, May 24, 2013

Alto Douro Wine Region - PORTUGAL - UNESCO #1046

Who doesn't like a glass of Porto wine? CHEERS! In the banks or the river Douro is produced since immemorial times one of the best wines in the world - more than just an amazing spot for vineyards, the higher Douro region has  breathtaking landscapes and it's one of the prettiest road trips you can have in Portugal. This card arrived from Eugénio, another portuguese UNESCO collector and thanks to him, I now have 29 sites, only 933 to go!

UNESCO #1046 - Alto Douro Wine Region - PORTUGAL

Wine has been produced by traditional landholders in the Alto Douro region for some 2,000 years. Since the 18th century, its main product, port wine, has been world famous for its quality. This long tradition of viticulture has produced a cultural landscape of outstanding beauty that reflects its technological, social and economic evolution.

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