Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello World!

Hi... My name is João Nogueira and I'm a 38 years old high school teacher from Portugal. Since I was a young boy, one of the happiest moments of my day is to open the mailbox and find out a letter or specially a postcard there waiting for me... unfortunately, with the advent of new technologies in communication like e-mail and IM, these moments became very rare, basically only at Christmas, birthdays and the ones I've sent to myself during hollidays (an habit I've acquired with my wife).
Recently I've stumbled in this site after reading about it in a newspaper - POSTCROSSING, a portal developed by a Portuguese named Paulo Magalhães (bravo!) that unites a worldwide community sharing the same passion: writing and receiving postcards!

After you create your profile, the system generates random addresses between all the active users, you send them a postcard and when they reach their destiny, your address will be the next to be indicated to another user. The concept is amazingly simple and in no time you will become addicted I assure you - and while you wait for those "official" postcards to arrive, you can always arrange a direct postcard swap between members in the Forum.

In this blog I'm going to share all the postcard received, official and direct swap cards; I'll try to keep it updated, but sometimes  it's possible that work only allow me to do that in the weekends...

Hope you like this space, feel free to comment on your favorite entries, and if you want to send me a postcard e-mail me and I gladly publish it in here after receiving it by real mail!


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